Monday, November 7, 2011

what if you were given exactly 10 minutes to describe your most memorable holiday trip? What would you write? A website registration forced me to think and i complied without aggression -

my most memorable holiday trip lasted for a duration of 11 days during which i experienced what it feels like to live through a self intuitive fairy tale. My journey began on a train to south India and ended on the beaches of Goa. During this trip, i learned what it means to be all alone and travel across my own country without any sense of security, as the only person i could blame for any misadventure that would have befallen would be myself.

There were times when i would break down due to emotional reasons or simply the weight of my own travel bags. But i got right up and walked long distances with the hope of finding something refreshing in nothing but the atmosphere itself. Not only did i make good friends along the way and visit many fascinating locations, but to add the cherry on top of my metaphorical cake, i met my soul mate on the beaches of Goa as my trip came to its conclusion.

She herself is a traveler and we have already formulated plans to travel the world together and witness miracles from each others eyes. I wish for every dreamer to leave on a journey of his own in order to be able to discover what life is truly about. Only by travelling alone can one realize what truly matters to him as an individual. Only someone who has no hands to hold can dare to walk with his head held high in pursuit of undiluted happiness.

So much for Online Jobs? Well, i got hired.

i'm trying really hard you know, to try and fabricate some sense of stability in my life before you get here. i'm beginning to dislike wasting even an hour or two on things that were basic instincts to me before you walked in and turned my world into this glowing source of energy. i feel lucky to have met you like i did, i feel blessed to have fallen in love with you.

sometimes all that i require to be able to give my best effort towards something is a picture of you displayed across my computer screen. forgive me for staring, but you are something so divinely beautiful, one has to look.

i feel disintegrated living so far away from you.

i guess distances test the strength of true desire.

you make me feel, what must be felt by very few.

your eyes are all it takes to ignite my fire.

so let me be alone for now, but not for too long.

keep me waiting for a while, then come show yourself.

ill heal you with my voice, comfort me with your song.

your memories are lying safely upon my broken shelf.

in the last few weeks i've lived like i've never lived before, loved like there was no tomorrow. dreamed just to add to the spirituality of my reality and believed like i knew that it was an extension to what i needed to create.

And to think that we haven't even been together all this time, i wish i could break into a parallel dimension where our souls could roam freely, yours and mine, where we would have to pay no attention to the physical nature of this man-made world, where all that really mattered would be us, our happiness, our tranquility.

wish these days would just fly by and i'd reach the junction to where we are and where we will be. that way i'd be able to encapsulate my hearts forever increasing potential into a big sphere of gratitude, towards you, towards what you've given to me. free emotion. infinite grace. everlasting memories.

ive lived my entire life depending upon pre-existing forces of nature to carry me to places which i already knew existed. but for the first time, i am being carried to a heavenly realm which i never knew of. the peace it creates is preserved inside the depth of our minds and the solace it grants to our formidably resistant spirits is by far the most intricate part of our lives.

just counting the minutes till i see you again. Its gonna be a long countdown.
i know.
but ill still be me, you'll still be you.
and everything, will always be brand new.

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  1. This post is beautiful Aman. I want to hug you for this, yes. :)