Sunday, November 6, 2011

and now your even further away, but my mind keeps bringing you closer to me.

i wish i could go back to that moment in time when i first met you at the base of those staircases. when i first looked into your eyes and realized that this was no ordinary stare. when i saw you look back at me with the slightest bit of interest and yet somehow, i knew we were gonna make it.

No wonder Kodi liked resting so close to your heart. its made of gold you know. and it radiates the warmth of the sun.

i always wondered what it would feel like to share a nice romantic evening on the beach with the missing fragment of my soul. then you came by and dreams came true.

now that i think of it, we never would have met the way we did, had it not been for the innocent baby resting on my shoulder.
its hard to believe what life would have been like had i not met you that sacred evening.

no matter how much i may deny the capacity of your clairvoyance, i am a wreck without you by my side. i'm not sure as to how i survived my past, but i do know that the reason i am in love with my present is because you unwillingly mortify all the sorrow that once existed inside of me. and the only purpose behind my search for the future is the desire to be able to hold you in my arms once again.

i was always too emotional for my own good. but something tells me that this is different.

my eyes could stay closed, but my fingers automatically type in everything that my heart needs to render, without looking for an excuse to stop trying.

i don't really know what you thought about me the day you saw me break into those uncontrollable tears. was i man enough to make you believe that those tears weren't a sign of weakness, but simply just expressions of sadness?

your so far away, yet your presence lingers, somewhere close to me, maybe closer than i know, and just as i think of inviting it towards myself, i realize that the place where you reside is somewhere deep down inside of me.

ill keep writing. just keep reading. these lines are the plea of a neglected heart.
my soul keeps igniting. just keep breathing. i've loved you right from the start.

only yours.

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