Saturday, November 5, 2011

it all began with a kitten.

sometimes, all that a person requires to begin revolving his world around the certainty of intuition are his own solid beliefs.
sometimes, all it takes for a mind to believe in god is a supernatural feeling emanating from within ones own desires.

you wouldn't know, until you've lived through what would have been a near death experience, with nothing but a sore knee.

maybe, this is all too far-fetched a coincidence to allow anyone apart from myself the leisure to comment on the concept of this virtual reality.
maybe, all these thoughts inside my head are nothing but the insanity produced from the undeniable abuse of artificially created substances.

but then again, maybe, all this is exactly what the universe normally denies it to be, simply because blatant curiosity is a virtue possessed by very few people.

what makes a person believe that the only things that matter in life are the physical aspects of this world that we can see, touch and feel?
what makes a broken heart believe in its betterment, even though every possible method of its revival is modeled towards extinction?

these are two very different questions, yet their answers go hand in hand. Go figure.

the reason that a person generally trusts his emotions over his wisdom is because his feelings come from within, but his knowledge is simply what he acquired from the universe.
the reason we tend to overlook logic in certain spheres of life is because gut feeling counts for a lot in this race to survival.

i'm talking about the prosperity that lies within your mind.
i'm speaking about the diversity that lives inside your soul.

this might not be the best post i've written, but it definitely is the most intelligent one. i've spent all my life so far talking about girls who broke my heart and never looked back. and even though for the first time i seem to be truly, hopelessly in love with someone, i haven't had the courage to mention her yet.

have you ever felt 'warm' shivers build up inside the back of your head and slowly take control of your conscience and then your entire body?
have you ever felt the need for your spirit to reside on this plane even after you were gone, with the motive of protecting someone you barely knew?

if you have, which i highly doubt, then have you ever felt those surges with regard to a complete stranger?
No you haven't.
what makes me different?
i have.

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  1. I think this is the most intelligent post I've evr read.