Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sacred beliefs.
delusions alike.
beautiful thieves.
a hidden spike.
broken hearts.
frozen laces.
missing parts.
mild traces.
watery eyes.
mystical beads.
comforting lies.
blooming seeds.
lively perfection.
bubbling hate.
noble detection.
relentless fate.
eventful revival.
spotless clean.
graceful survival.
so obscene.
charming seduction.
a burning card.
foolish deduction.
life is hard.
hidden mist.
morbid desires.
shopping list.
emerald fires.
greener grass.
solid fortune.
prominent class.
rings of neptune.
slithering sand.
mystified place.
hand in hand.
smiley face.
prominent moon.
screaming sea.
early afternoon.
you and me.

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