Friday, December 9, 2011

maybe i went astray .. maybe the world seemed like a darker place all of sudden .. i just couldn't find the confidence to let myself know that the reality of your existence isn't just marked by your presence.

i felt alone, so alone .. maybe its because there's been a lot on our minds .. you've been thinking about a new life and so have i .. only you seem to know yourself better i guess .. coz the purpose of my being drives me to leave everything aside and dive in deep into this ocean of possible serenity.

i didn't know what to expect from myself, till i asked myself what i could do for you.

as if surviving in this selfish world ain't trouble enough .. i would never let a stray thought from my conscience travel with the winds and wander into your head .. the mind is sometimes afraid of what the world does not approve of .. that's why its necessary for me to keep reminding myself how this all began.

its been a month since i smiled without thinking. and i guess i have to bear a few more days for the sake of repercussions .. but i promise .. that once i have you here in front of my eyes .. there is not a thing that exists, that can cloud my conscience into not believing in a world that we deserve to live in.

i'd rather say all this to you once your here. i guess its the eyes that somehow make the difference.


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