Monday, November 21, 2011

missing out on all the clarity of my existence, sipping on the aura of the state of nostalgia that you've left behind, i find myself growing increasingly smarter and yet so lazy towards temptations.

no matter what the occasion stands for, its always me trying to find myself a place to be alone with you.
how can you be so distant and still feel so close to my conscience?
is it the energy of this universe that provides me with the faith that your somewhere close by? why do i fail to be my old miserable self even when i try to force myself to experience something that just seems selfishly materialistic to me?

you've left a big hole close to where that heart used to be. it doesn't hurt, it just pulls every minute detail of this oblivious physicality into the depth of my brain and tries to corrupt me into being something that i never wished to be. i fight it. i win.

music festivals are a great place to socialize. i was socializing with myself though. so many people together sometimes just define so many complications. i didn't wanna get into any without you by my side .. so i stuck to bacardi n fizz. even dogbites are worldly matters as compared to your sudden absence in my astral scenario.

come soon.
this is very, very hard.

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