Monday, January 14, 2013


the meaning?

identified by the longing of an aching heart.
simplified by the sight of a shooting star.
clarified by the motion of morning dew.
fortified by the roots of a banyan tree.
amplified by the aura of a learned sage.
dignified by persistence of the evening tide.
beautified by the touch of a winter breeze.
glorified by the faith of a setting sun.
mystified by the roar of a wounded lion.

sometimes, we set our minds free .. give our senses a chance to try and unravel the mystery behind the element of reality ..
we tend to underestimate the consequences because we feel that the complexity of an ultimate astral experience will result in the return of our soul to its rightful owner.
sometimes, the soul does not return .. because sometimes your spirit is not your own .. it is simply the skeleton of your repressed emotions .. the embodiment of your memories from a previous lifetime ..
do not be scared, you are still a part of this world .. in fact you are more a witness to this existence than you'll ever be .. because now .. after this realization of susceptible immortality .. it is the unattainable longing of your higher self to be able to hold on to the one thing that has preserved your identity through different dimensions of space and time ..
for me it wasn't about a materialistic entity .. neither was it about leading the race of survival, nor about learning to control the forces of nature .. and never about an art that would enable me to leave a mark on my own history ..

it was always, always about her.

following his instincts, breaking free from chains of cerebral limitations ..
he was denounced as a mad man and then accepted as a child of god ..
burning in the flame of desire and being reincarnated by the ashes of love ..
he was told that there was no hope and then shown the light of redemption ..
doubtful but firm, making her way to finding the meaning behind her condition ..
she was never a believer and then she basked in the warmth of fulfillment ..
intoxicated by sanctity, trying to absorb the fact that she'd known all along ..
she thought she'd seen it all and then she opened her eyes to her calling ..

its safe to say we've met before, tears flow like monsoon streams ..
its good to see this face of fate, the carrier of infinite dreams ..
salvation is just a magnificent ship, with sails of solid beliefs ..
everyone tries to fulfill the quest, but victory favors the thieves ..
give a glance to rest of the world, divert your eyes to the moon ..
balancing between before and again, we're bound to make it soon ..
dancing on the edge of dimensions, we'll make it worth its while ..
giving all the respect that's due, we'll still win it by a mile ..

she closes her eyes trying to reach,
the voices on a starry, moonlit beach ..
it was the night two lovers had united,
the lantern of life had been ignited ..

infinite colors reflected on the canvas of his face ..
his beauty amplified by the skin of his race ..
but beside her lay almighty's craziest believer ..
his presence took over her like expected fever ..
she'd never been addicted to fulfilling romances ..
preferred to challenge odds and take her chances ..
but something about the depth of his illusion ..
made her give into the meaning of their fusion ..
he'd keep on speaking with a motive to preserve ..
how blessed he was to have crossed by her curve ..
always curious about the way she would react ..
to confessions of his heart and its ultimate act ..

after 1 human year and infinite lifetimes,
this ones for you Judy Chang.


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